5 Things We All Experience on Raksha Bandhan Every Year

It’s no secret that India loves its festivals, and the holidays that come along with it. One of the first things we do at the beginning of every year is check the calendar for holidays (‘cuz, who doesn’t like holidays?). Rakshabandhan, being one of the major holidays in India, is one such on the list. This festival that strengthens as well ascelebrates the sweet and at times frustrating bond between siblings is one of the highlights of monsoon season every year, and brings with it its unique set of experiences:

  1. The shopping: As if desis didn’t have enough excuses to shop, Rakhi adds another reason to splurge their money in Retail Therapy. And why not? Festivals such as Raksha Bandhan Give clothing brands the opportunity to offer great discounts in order to make maximum sales during this time. From local ethnic stores to international brands, each brand offers a whooping 40-70% on clothes so you can look your best without burning a hole in your pocket.
  2. The pickiness that comes with choosing rakhis: Let’s get real. Our brothers hardly have enough patience to keep the rakhi on their wrists for longer than 12 hours. Does it stop us from going all out on picking the best rakhis? No. From cute Ben 10 ones for a little brother, to intricate traditional ones, to even gold plated rakhis, the brief satisfaction of tying a beautiful rakhi makes it all worth it (to us sisters at least).
  3. The inherent fear of the bro-zone: They asked, “what’s worse than being friend-zoned?” –“Getting Bhai-zoned,” replied Indians. The nervousness that comes with the approaching of Raksha Bandhan is something every guy (and girl) has once related to. What could be unluckier than having your crush walk up to you, tie a rakhi on your wrist, and call you “bhai”? (“Dil se buralagta hai,” sighs every Indian boy.) After all, we take rakhi ka bandhan quite seriously. For women, it gives them a chance to ward off unwanted male attention in the safest way possible.
  • Long-distance Bandhan: If you have cousins or siblings in another state, you’re probably aware of sending rakhis by post and the pressure that comes with sending it quickly so that it’s received on time, otherwise it’s facing mom’s wrath for the entire occasion. Although, thanks to so many websites that allow you to send rakhis online, you can now take a little sigh of relief and not worry about it anymore.
  • The Raksha Bandhan-Day Traffic:Long distance cousins are still sorted, but it’s crazy how no one talks about the final battle of reaching ‘local’ relatives. With thousands of families out in vehicles hoping to visit their loved ones for the rituals, the day of Raksha Bandhan sees peak traffic hours all over India, which begins as early as the day before the festival itself. Once in your life you must have either experienced getting stuck in a traffic jam or had to constantly call your family members stuck in said jam for updates.

All in all, with its own frustrating and exciting moments, being around loved ones to celebrate yet another year of togetherness makes it worth every effort made along the way.With the auspicious timings for raksha bandhan 2022 being from 8:25 pm on 11 August, to 7:15 am 12 August, this year’s Rakhi gives families limited time to get the rituals done.

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