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Course Overview

This course teaches python in a straight-forward approach. It allows young minds to learn the basics of python programming language in a manner that even 8-year-olds can understand.

  • Well developed Course Curriculum
  • Learning by doing methodology
  • Prerequisites - Internet connection and Google Chrome browser in your PC/Laptop

Course Curriculum

  • Python Basics: Get to Know Your Environment
  • Turtle Graphics: Drawing with Python
  • Numbers and Variables: Python Does the Math
  • Loops are Fun
  • Conditions
  • Projects


  1. What is Python?
  2. Python is a widely used programming language in the real world. Python is very practical and functional programming language as it utilizes simple programming syntax with English-like commands.

  3. What is advantage of teaching Python programming for kids?
  4. Learning to code in Python helps the kids to learn text-based coding which in turn helps them to program like a real developer.

  5. What is the unique feature of this course?
  6. The unique feature of this course is that kids will learn to code in an engaging and rewarding environment that utilizes gaming elements.