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Course Overview

Coding improves a child's reasoning and problem solving skills. It also enhances their ability to understand abstract concepts. This is one of the most important skills for the future. Coding transforms your child by developing life skills like better communication, better computation and overall creativity of the kids.

  • Well developed Course Curriculum
  • Learning by doing methodology
  • Prerequisites - Internet connection and Google Chrome browser in your PC/Laptop

Course Curriculum

  • Getting Started With Scratch
  • Repetition
  • Exploring Scratch
  • Creating Projects in Scratch
  • Creating Games on Scratch


  1. What is scratch?
  2. Scratch is a programming language which can be used to create games, stories and animation. Scratch is designed and maintained by MIT Media Lab.

  3. What are benefits for coding for kids?
  4. Kids at present are growing up in a world of computers, cell phones, Netflix and Face book. Even toys have become digital and many of them have programs. With the knowledge of coding, children can understand about their functioning.

  5. What skills will be developed in kids after completion of this course?

    After completion of this course kids will develop –

    1. Computational Skills
    2. Problem-solving skills
    3. Creativity
    4. Better communication skills
    5. Critical thinking
    6. Collaboration