SEO as well as SMO are two powerful tools in the market for raising the position of any business. SEO in general stands for search engine optimization and SMO for social media optimization. Both are used by the website holder for increasing the traffic on their website and for increasing teh ranking of the website.

Though these two approaches are implemented for increasing the traffic to the website but both of them possess completely different concepts.

SEO is a process that focuses on improving the ranking of the website by putting specific focus on the keywords. Keyword specifies the search and thus helps in increasing the search of the website on the search engine. It is supposed that the higher rank of the website in the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. the higher the number of visitor of the website. The website ranking higher is visible on the top when searched in the search engine. SEO can also be used for various other types of searches like for video search, image search, academic researches, news search, etc.

On the other hand, SMO stands for social media optimization which is a process that would help in increasing the awareness about a product or brand by using different social media sources. The main aim of implementing SMO in any business is to promote ones business using different forms of social media. Social media include social news, bookmarking sites, blogs, promotional videos, and different social media sites. Today social media websites are successfully involved in increasing the traffic for the website, some of them are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Viene, etc.

Both the tools are different in the ways of approaching the target population. These e commerce solutions can be easily adopted by any business to get focus of the customers and increasing their awareness without much investment.

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