Soil Conservation

Today, it is no secret that soil is the most important resource on Planet Earth. It is one of the major resources that helps sustain life on Earth, as even the oxygen we breathe is the indirect result of plants that grow thanks to a fertile soil. Without soil, there would be no life. With that in mind, it becomes even paramount to do everything in our power to protect and sustain the most powerful resource of our planet. But the question fairly arises, “why does it need protection?”

The answer lies in the current plight of our natural environment. India alone has seen a 250% increase in pollution in the last 20 years, which adversely affects not only humans and animals, but our soil as well. To top it off, we are also seeing a huge rise in the demand of food grains from foreign markets, which puts even more pressure on the agricultural productivity of our country. Toxic industrial waste, polluted water, fertilisers, pesticides, are all contributing to the decrease in soil fertility which can lead to a serious food crisis not only in India, but all over the world.

Hence, it becomes increasingly urgent to start taking measures to conserve the soil that feeds us. Simple practices such as using the right fertilisers, watering your soil, preventing rainwater from pooling on land for long help in maintaining the overall health of the soil. Other pro-afforestation practices such as planting trees, encouraging crop rotation in your local agricultural land, purchasing biodegradable products are also effective in sustaining soil health. Most importantly, spreading awareness as well as actively following movements such as ‘Save Soil’, and practicing the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ mantra in life is the ultimate key to achieve a healthier environment, and a healthier soil.

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